Badge: The Phi Mu Badge is a uniquely shaped shield of gold overlaid with a black shield bearing the two bonds, three stars, hand clasping a heart and the Greek letters.
Phi Pin: The Phi Pin (or New Member pin) is a black and gold shield with the Greek Letter “Phi.”


Symbol: The quatrefoil is Phi Mu’s symbol. The quatrefoil is a very unique shape and can be traced back to early European design.
Coat of Arms: Designed in 1904 by Annie Laurie (Mallory) Parker, Alpha, and assisted by Louise (Monning) Elliott, Alpha.
Flower: The Rose Carnation








Open Motto: “Les Soeurs Fideles,” or, “The Faithful Sisters”
Mascot: Lions have always been a part of our history and are also shown on our Coat of Arms. Our mascot, which we affectionately call “Sir Fidel,” is a name adapted from our open motto, Les Soeurs Fideles. Sir Fidel was created in 1973.
Colors: Rose and White. This choice can be dated back to the early days of the Philomathean Society and were most likely chosen by the charter members.