4.0 and Above for Fall 2018

4.0 and Above for Fall 2018

Madeline Adams

Peri Block

Kim Boudreaux

Jennie Bouzigard

Avery Bracken

Maggie Breeland

Julianne Chastain

Maria Ciaccio

Greta Collet

Caddy Colvin

Miranda Cottingham

Kristina Delaune

Caitlin Denton

Sadie Dickinson

Madison Doggett

Kaitlyn Fagan

Madeline Freret

Rachel Gill

Diana Goff

Shaina Grace

Hayden Hartley

Keely Head

Lili Hollis

Catherine Hunt

Kamryn King

Julia Kulakowski

Reagan LeBlanc

Catherine Loehr

Michelle Mahtook

Sophie Millet

Emily Navarro

Ansley Nelson

Elizabeth Nuss

Leah Paternostro

Alex Sauhing

Hayley Seidel

Danielle Sketchler

Lydia Smith

Cecily Stewart

Alexis Theriot

Sarah Uzee

Kaitlyn Walker

Dana Wempe

Hannah Bordelon

Laura Capadona

Margaret Crick

Madelyn Graves

Macie Hunt

Lilly Kamberov

Madison Konur

Macie Matherne

Anna Stark

Savannah Tanguis

Meaghan Thibodeaux



Phi Mu Alpha Eta’s GPA average for the Fall 2018 semester was 3.439, bringing us to the third highest chapter GPA down the row. Fifty-five girls earned a 4.0 or above and one-hundred and five girls earned between a 3.5-3.99.

The highest GPA in the chapter was a 4.3, earned by Madeline Adams, Julianne Chastain, Keely Head, and Macie Hunt!

Congratulations! Job well done!