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4.0 and Above for Fall 2018 Semester

4.0 and Above for Fall 2018 Semester

Madeline Adams Peri Block Kim Boudreaux Jennie Bouzigard Avery Bracken Maggie Breeland Julianne Chastain Maria Ciaccio Greta Collet Caddy Colvin Miranda Cottingham Kristina Delaune Caitlin Denton Sadie Dickinson Madison Doggett Kaitlyn Fagan Madeline Freret Rachel Gill Diana Goff Shaina Grace Hayden Hartley Keely Head Lili […]

Governor, First Lady, and Phi Mu President- Motar Board Society Induction

Governor, First Lady, and Phi Mu President- Motar Board Society Induction

Alpha Eta welcomed the Louisiana First Lady, Donna Edwards, to the Phi Mu house for dinner this past Monday, where our President, Lindsey Berns, and the First Lady (who is also a Phi Mu) were inducted into the Mortar Board Society. Governor John Bel Edwards […]



Not a game goes by that Phi Mu doesn’t L O V E the tigers!

Big/Little Reveal

Big/Little Reveal

Our freshmen were in for a BIG surprise at Big/Little Reveal!

Turn Up the MUsic – Bid Day 2018

Turn Up the MUsic – Bid Day 2018

This year’s bid day theme was Turn Up the MUsic, based on all different music artists and album covers. Alpha Eta welcomed 89 new members into the chapter.

4.0 and Above for the Spring Semester

4.0 and Above for the Spring Semester

Madeline Adams

Margaret Eckert

Katie Parks

Alise Aucoin

Julia Fincher

Leah Paternostro

Kelli Aultman

Diana Goff

Amanda Piscoitta

Jennifer Baker

Catherine Johnson

Lauren Rando

Olivia Bates

Jaime Keller

Sydney St. Pierre

Kayla Baudier

Julia Kulakowski

Alejandra Saughing

Megan Bourgeois

Hannah LeJeune

Hayley Seidel

Jennie Bouzigard

Catherine Loehr

Danielle Sketchler

Avery Braken

Cameron Matherne

Victoria Swiber

Madalyn Brown

Jordan Miller

Ivana Thompson

Greta Collet

Emily Navarro

Maria Thompson

Madison Cross

Ansley Nelson

Caroline Ural

Kristina Delaune

Jackie Odom

Emily Villa

Madison Doggett

Hailey Osbon


Phi Mu Alpha Eta placed 4th down the row for best GPA with an average of 3.388! Alpha Eta earned the fourth highest chapter GPA for the Spring semester posting a 3.388 average. Senior Kelli Aultman received the highest individual member GPA posting a 4.30. Of the 306 chapter members, 41 girls earned a 4.0 or above, while 108 received a 3.5-3.99.

Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring Newsletter 2018

Click below to view Phi Mu Alpha Eta’s accomplishments from the Spring Semester! Spring Newsletter

Red, White, & MU

Red, White, & MU

Alpha Eta’s 5th annual Red, White, and Mu social event was a huge success! Crawfish was provided for every member including their guest, while everyone was able to enjoy a performance from Parish County Line, a local country band. The American-themed event did not let […]

Spring Break 2018

Spring Break 2018

Spring Break brought Phi Mu Alpha Eta countless adventures! Some girls traveled a few hours to the beach, while others took their travels global. This includes destinations ranging from Athens, Greece, to Piedras Negras, Mexico. As a matter of fact, Piedras Negras is where six girls from Phi Mu went on a mission trip to help with local needs related to their field of study. On the opposite side of Mexico, some of our members were vacationing in Cozumel!

Others who stayed in the U.S. visited Pensacola, Florida, Austin, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, Boulder, Colorado, and more. Whether it was relaxing on the beach or helping communities, Spring Break did not disappoint!


Annual Alumnae Easter Egg Hunt

Annual Alumnae Easter Egg Hunt

Our Annual Alumnae Easter Egg Hunt this year took place on a sunny afternoon in March. Our alumnae brought their children to enjoy sweets and small activities, while they were able to socialize amongst themselves and with the active members. Later on, all the children […]